• Water your trees well so they don’t winter kill.
• Also your sod needs a good drink to prevent winter kill.
• Please ensure that you remove all garden hoses from lawn services. Leaving those on can cause your taps to freeze up and break.
• Also ensure you remove your sump pump hoses if you have them and store them inside.
• Your new concrete is susceptible to damage caused by the likes of road salts and ice melts. At Asset we recommend the use of sand on your driveway to improve traction.
The following guidelines will reduce the risk of excessive humidity in your home: 
• Run your furnace fan continuously to circulate air throughout the home, winter & summer 24/7 - 365
• Leave blinds and/or drapes open as much as possible to allow airflow by windows.
• Check the furnace filter and replace if dirty.  A clean filter will ensure maximum flow.    At Asset, we recommend the use of pleated filters and change bi-monthly.
• Monitor your homes humidity and if you have one, turn your humidifier off during the winter and anytime the temperature falls below 0 degrees.
• Always turn on the bathroom fan when bathing or showering.  Leave on longer if needed - a good 45 minutes if possible.
• Always turn on the range fan when cooking particularly if you have a directly ducted fan.
• Ensure the clothes dryer is properly ducted to the outside. 
• Ensure fresh air intake for the furnace is free of all blockages.
• Ensure all hot and cold registers are clear of any obstruction as this could affect maximum air circulation.  Avoid the use of air deflectors.
• Wipe up any excess snow or moisture tracked into the house.
• Don’t stack articles directly against windows outside on patios, decks and landings. 
• Wipe up any condensation/moisture that appears on windows immediately.
• The first year or two after a home is built there is moisture from the new wood. Also homes are built more efficiently and very tight these days which traps moisture in.