Asset Builders’ Standard 1-Year Warranty Schedule

One Month

Asset Builders will contact you to confirm that any deficiencies noted at the time of the turnover have been completed.

Three Months

An Asset Builders service technician will come to your home to answer any questions you may have or make any necessary adjustments to any doors, teleposts, or anything else that may inhibit the enjoyment of your home.

Twelve Months

An Asset Builders customer service representative will contact you to discuss any issues you may have with your home and ask for a written list, or you may go to and fill out a service request form so we may address any deficiencies. Please note that a new home undergoes a number of changes in the first year due to factors such as drying of the raw materials your home is built from, and large temperature changes throughout the year in our climate. These factors can cause nail pops, shrinkage cracks and squeaks.

Please note: if our office is closed, there are emergency contact phone numbers on a sticker on your furnace for heating, plumbing and electrical, which you may call directly.

Asset Builders is a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association of Central Alberta. Being a CHBA member keeps us informed of current industry standards and changes.

Alberta New Home Warranty